The Benefits of Owning a Family Bed

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Family of Three on Bed
As is the case with many emerging trends, there are adamant arguments made both in favor of and against oversized family co-sleeping beds. Family beds are super-sized beds that are larger than king-sized beds and allow all the members of the family to sleep in the same quarters. While many argue it helps deepen the family bond and allows for the development of close relationships, others are reluctant to try the practice for fear that it may become difficult to eventually get children into their own beds.

Regardless of which side of the argument you are on, there are solid points to be made both for and against using a big family bed. There are definite benefits inherent in the practice, but there are some potential drawbacks to a giant family bed. In the end, the decision to co-sleep in a family bed is mostly a matter of personal preference. Read on to learn about a few of the pros and cons of family beds and the practice of family co-sleeping.

Family Bed Benefits

The benefits of family bed co-sleeping mostly pertain to convenience and the types of relationships that develop from togetherness while sleeping. For families with infants, there are some clear advantages, especially if the mother has chosen to breastfeed. Co-sleeping in a family bed with nursing children nearby allows the mother to respond to feeding needs without disrupting sleep patterns and rising to enter another room. It also increases the level of responsiveness both parents can have if a child awakens during the night.

Family of Four Under Blanket

Despite claims that co-sleeping should be avoided for infants, many feel they can better monitor the position of their infants to make sure they remain sleeping on their backs to decrease the chance of SIDS. Co-sleeping in an extra-large family bed can result in better sleep for all parties. Children feel more safe and secure in the bed with their parents, and parents can rest easier knowing that their children are nearby where they can be monitored. The practice of family co-sleeping is one that has been around for generations, as many cultures have a tradition that involves the sharing of a large bed by parents and their children.

Experience the Benefits for Yourself

Co-sleeping in an extra-large family bed has a long-established precedent in many cultures around the world, and supporters of the practice swear to the benefits that result from it. No matter which side of the conversation you are on, choosing to co-sleep in a super-sized family bed is a matter of personal preference. For more information on the benefits of a family-sized bed, give us a call today!

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